SME Corporate Organisations

SME sector being a significant contributor to the economic development of any country has great potential in UK as well. However, due to lack of awareness, expertise and human resource training and development, financial constraints and technological backwardness, the sector has not yet produced the desired results. Hence, Proacc Associate has set up a separate SME & Retail Banking Division to cater to the needs of SME clients in line with our corporate goals to facilitate the growth of the SME sector which will ultimately lead to the economic development of the country.

Bills / Invoice Discounting 
SMEs which are engaged in the business of supplying parts / components or other semi finished / raw products to the large / medium scale manufacturing industries under vendor and vendee arrangement will be considered for financing in this product category.

  • Loan size will be within the diffrent ranges
  • Respective bills/invoices in order to meet working capital requirements will be considered as prime collateral in this product category however additional collateral will also be considered

Business loan against mortgaged property.
This product is typically designed to cater the need for working capital requirement of SMEs provided against collateral by mortgaging the property (either business or personal) or by additional personal guarantees.

  • Tenor will be one to five years depending upon assessment of the respective cash flow of SMEs.
  • Loan size will be within the range of Rs. 1.00 to Rs. 30.00 million.

Equipment / Lease financing
This product is specifically designed to facilitate SME’s for purchase of assets i.e. vehicles, machinery, generators etc. under hire purchase or lease financing arrangements.

  • Vehicle / machinery etc. will be under the ownership of Pak Libya till maturity.
  • Lease financing to SME sector upto Rs. 20 million for vehicles, machinery, equipments, generators etc.